Claim Hotline: 069 731 111 / 017 777 891

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In case of emergency you must contact us or if the insured person is physically prevented from contacting us immediately, the insured person or someone designated by him/her must contact us within 24 hours. The insured person must make no admission, offer, promise or payment without prior consent. We must be called first.

Claim Hotline: 069 73 1111 / 017 777 891


Please fill the form below for contacting from us or download form below:


If you have a Prosur membership card, show this to the staff of the Panel Clinic that is partnered with Prosur.
There is no need to pay the clinic if the benefit is covered.

Panel Clinic
– Membership Card
Non-Panel Clinic
– Hospital Documents
– Valid ID’s
– Receipts
– Claim form
– Medical certificate

All customers that have active policies as long as the claim is within the stated benefit schedule.

Customers may receive the claim by coming to the Head Office of Prosur, Direct bank transfer, or money transfer services.