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Your employees devote not less than 1/3 of their day in the office. As part of showing acknowledgement of the work that they do, let us help provide them with health insurance coverage to stay fit to work.

This policy shall compensate up to the maximum amount per covered year, in the event of medical treatment for accidents and illness limited to in-patient treatment. 

– Within Cambodia
– Within Cambodia and neighboring country (Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos)
– Worldwide (Subject to approval of the Insurer on the Insurer’s request)
PROSUR offers the varied benefits for Group Health Insurance which you can choose from depending on your needs:
1. Hospital Supplies and Services
2. Pre-hospitalization services
3. Post Hospitalization Services
4. General hospitalization Fee (excluding surgery)
5. Surgical Fee
6. Outpatient Minor Surgery
7. Normal Delivery
8. Birth Delivery
9. Caesarean Delivery
10. Hospital Doctor Visit
11. Daily Cash Allowance
12. Supplemental Accidental Medical Expense (Accident for the first 24 hours)
13. Dental Treatment (caused by accident)
14. Outpatient Services
15. Ambulance Fees
16. Room and Board 


Enjoy cashless treatments, tests and medicine in more than 50+ affiliated hospitals and clinics in the country.