Personal Accident Insurance

I. Objective

Personal Accident Insurance is designed to provide customers with 24-hour financial protection against accidents with a regular low cost (yearly premium) and make up for financial loss due to accidental injury, accidental disability, accidental death, or non-accidental death (death due to illness).

II. Benefits

Personal Accident Insurance of PROSUR Micro-Insurance Plc. provides the insured with considerable advantage through benefits and compensation as follows: 

  • Peaceful mind and Stability:  Personal Accident Insurance will offer financial support and security to the insured in the event of any loss due to accidents; therefore, the family does not worry about any expenses incurred. As a result, buying Personal Accident Insurance means buying a peace of mind
  • Keep a primary income earner (breadwinner) secured:  a primary income  earner (breadwinner) is a prior person to be secured

III. Insurance Conditions

The following conditions are eligible for Personal Accident Insurance:

  1. an adult with age of maturity (18 to 65 years old) and a minor with age from 3 to 17 years old without having to conduct pre-insurance medical checkup
  2. mental competence, not a person who is hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital
  3. Able to register for insurance services from Prosur Micro-Insurance Plc. individually or as a group.
  4. Hold any valid identification such as Khmer National ID Card, Family Book, Certificate of Birth, Certificate of Accommodation, or any equivalent documents, etc.

IV. Claim Procedure and Documents Required:


a. PROSUR claim form, duly filled in by a claimant, affix thumbprint signature

b. original certificates and records regarding the treatment at hospital

c. Accident report from the police or the local authorities (for accidents only)

d. a copy of a valid ID card of the insured and/or claimant

e. Certified true copy of death certificate in case of the customer’s death

f. Insurance certificate provided by Prosur.

IV. Additional Information

For any information regarding our services, please kindly contact us through our hotline numbers: (069 73 1111 / 017 777 891).