Prosur Micro-Insurance Plc is a micro-insurance company located in #A69-71Eo, Street 271, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In May 2016, Funan (Prosur Micro-Insurance Plc) received 4 product licenses from the Ministry of Economy and Finance, including: Personal Accident Insurance (PA) Health Insurance (HL) Life Insurance On Credit (CL), and Life Insurance (TL).

In December 2016, Mohanokor MFI bought 100% of Funan. In June 2017, Funan launched the life insurance products on credit to the clients of Mohanokor MFI. Then in January 2018, Funan was renamed "PROSUR Micro-insurance Plc", which was approved by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Since then, Prosur Micro-Insurance Plc has continued providing micro-insurance services and products to those in need. Prosur Micro-Insurance Plc has also been increasing its advertising to expand its influence in the Cambodian insurance market.

The employees and management of Prosur Micro-Insurance Plc implement core values in everyday transactions. These core values include:

Customer Service,

Close Contact,

Customer satisfaction,

Quality of service,